Wearing elegant clothes is not mandatory at all. But, you should be neat. Being stylish is not comes from your face or branded clothes. It just comes from,

how you present yourself?

How you express yourself? Not impress. Pay attention, please.

Make yourself comfortable.

You could be an alpha male/female. I’m not pressing this point. This is also a good point. Building a strong personality will not an easy one. Few have while they were born. That’s okay.

I would love to point out the quote: “Great people aren’t born, they made”.

If you wanna groom yourself. You should start now. You need a kind of successful personality. Try not to be like an authoritarian. Be strong and stay strong. Have a strong mind.

I’m not pointing out your skin. I’m deeply talking about your professional outlook. I personally, started realizing, how important it is. I often would like to look like a stylish guy. But, that’s not the right one. But, I should learn the right grooming. I should know, how professionals and successful people behave. Every week, take an online personality test. Or start writing, in your own words about yourself. Remember: It should groom your personality. The choice is yours.

Readers might have the wrong opinion upon my words. Nowadays, I was too careful about the words that I’m writing. I’m conscious. I say to myself, enough, in the initial point, you just writing. That’s it. You must write a better post. The selection of words matters most.

Stay fit. Change your body language. Wear clean clothes. Talk well. Have a productive Debate.


With respect.

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