In life, misunderstanding is both good and bad. I’m not giving a philosophical statement. But at some point, our misunderstanding ends in a good, vice versa.

In my case, I misunderstood a lot. But some understandings are good. Rest of a lot is bad. The precise one was with regards to my career growth.

Apart from my schooling and college. I was hanging around an average student at the edge. I struggled more to understand the stuff. In my college days, I picked up a book in my library and I started reading. I knew that I couldn’t grab the points what’s the author been saying. I just started reading blindly. Because I was ferocious to learn something. I was aggressive to win. The problem I have is, I don’t have enough patience to listen. I just carried misunderstandings and aggressive to win. That’s it. It worked out in one or two situations. Rest of all my competitions, I failed.

Finally, I just started accepting myself. I have been misunderstood. I felt I’m dumb. I felt, my talent and efforts go to minus zero (-0). I said to myself. That’s okay. Go for the right one. Use your misunderstanding, make it more crystal clear.

Those misunderstandings are the learning curve for me. That’s my motivation. There I started arising questions, few of those are critical. I wonder myself. How it’s been raised?

The deep answer was a misunderstanding.

There is nothing wrong with misunderstanding. Accept it politely. Go-ahead.

Whatever it is, I’m quite happy, with my work-in-progress. I should be happy because I had found my learning curve through my misunderstanding.


With respect.


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