Identify yourself, who you are?

Just ask yourself! The movie talks about a lot. But if you(the readers) are interested to watch the movie. You will realize. Definitely, who you are?

The word forgiveness is such an observing lesson in the movie.

I had seen the movie, because, I love sports movies. Actually, I’m a sportsman not professionally. But, I just started playing my games in my college days. My sports are Marathon and Tennis. Here marathon, the moment I saw the trailer. I jumped and my head touches the sky. Sounds awkward, but I loved it.

In the final race, the right motivation given by her father was absolutely phenomenal.

Although, being a coach is not easy at all. Mr Alex Kendrick (John Harrison) was spectacular. Because not only as a coach but he helped Aryn Wright-Thompson (Hannah Scott) to meet her father.

Apart from his game as a Basketball coach, he just consoled himself and prepared for the next the game.

The inspiring moments are Mr John as a coach, he didn’t say no to cross country. But he asked, how can I?

It shows that he is interested to coach her. But he doesn’t know much about the game.

The moment, I saw the coach in the movie. I would love to remember my coach. I missed him a lot.

At last, he himself prepared and got more guidance from the girl’s father Mr Cameron Arnett (Thomas hill). Precisely, his wife Shari Wiedmann (Amy Harrison) was the right hand for him.

The understanding between them (John and Amy Harrison) was a quite notable one in the movie. And the way they consoled themselves after some hard arguments. Sounds beautiful.

Finally. Almighty is great.

I sincerely recommend this movie to all. I should not say the story of the movie. It’s absolutely illegal. You(readers) will understand, once you watch the movie.

Anyway, I just pointed out the few inspiring and heart-touching moments of the movie.


With respect.


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