The actual and in-depth problem what I see is R and D. Most of the start-up entrepreneurs must have the caution about research.

I started reading several entrepreneurial books. They mentioned how important research is. It is not simply a one-time action. It has to deal with several perspectives. Every entrepreneur has to deal with the research part over a decade.

When it comes to the quality of the goods to the consumers. Or,  best services to the consumers is the number one priority for every entrepreneur.

The defective goods. Or bad service will cripple. It not much easy to get it back the existing or new consumers.

So, whether the goods/services, entrepreneurs have to be careful.

What is my mantra? Personally.

Start doing R and D for a decade. A decade is a target for every entrepreneur. We must see the results.

How it works?

How long-lasting it is?

Branding and capturing the market is ultimately secondary for every entrepreneur.

When it comes to the learning part. What I feel, the better idea is, an entrepreneur can take the internship course if anywhere else.

Or he/she can start working in the same industry to gain knowledge.

Moreover, we can read a lot. The sources and materials are enormous.

My personal favourite:

You should not enter entrepreneurship to get rich quick. That’s gonna be the terrible/drastic end. It’s all about leaving a rich legacy. Not becoming rich.

Failure is not an issue in entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you should learn to bounce back. You should learn to succeed. Matters most.


With respect.

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