You never know what you are gonna write today. If you are planned well advance. That sounds awesome.

But at last, thank you almighty. I did something good. It wasn’t much crappy. I think every writer says, like me. I’m the first one.

The unusual problem, I feel at least it should make sense to the readers. Whether fiction/non-fiction. No matter what. Every word should have an impact and making them think a lot from different perspectives.

When it comes to my part as an everyday writer, the problem is I have to give my creative content, something meaningful, a strong opinion, little ideas, grammatical sentences, and few new vocabularies.

The huge problem I’m facing, I have to say quite frankly/honestly, the sentence fragmentation is breaking. I should learn to rectify it.

I started realizing, what’s going on in my sentences?

Still struggling to look forward. Anyway, let’s see. That is the most challenging part for me personally as an upcoming writer.

The solutions are:

  • Make a rough draft first. What you are gonna write?
  • Re-draft it.
  • Again, go through the content, body and conclusion.
  • Edit, edit and edit.
  • Add something, if you want.
  • Attach the relevant illustrations and sources.
  • Don’t hesitate to erase, if not required.
  • The word count target is the most optional one.
  • If you knew what do you wanna say. Word count not at all required.
  • Sometimes you have to write in an understandable manner to the reader. Or you might use some tough vocabularies/your sentences might seems hard to understand. So, be prepared for both.


With respect.

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