Why am I saying this to you?

Because you could be loyal and you can pay gratitude to the people.

Even more, you can be straight forward. That is actually too good. That’s what am doing right now. Being quite straight forward is the better way to maintain the relationship.

A gentle reminder: You should not be rude or using abusive words.

I think, being nice to the people is the threat. They might take advantage of you. There is a possibility of manipulation. If they know, you are too comfortable. They will start treating you as they want.

One more way, what I do is maintaining professionalism with all. That is wonderful. In the working arena/with higher authority/janitor.

Being professional is the finest way to make you as an excellent person.

Those above lines, what I said is not mandatory for everywhere. At somewhere and some point, learn to apply it.

I always say to myself, you should know the power of “when”.

Several attitudes you should know “when” to apply.

It’s better to apply, presence of mind in any situation. According to the situation, people will respond. There is no point of criticizing them back, It’s fair enough. If you deal with them.

At this moment, I can highly recommend a book. “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. This book also will teach a lot with regards to dealing with people.

Apart from my above statement, I started reading this book too.


With respect.


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