keep-calm-and-carry-on-facebook-coversOver the last 5 years, I had seen lots of times on my Facebook. Also, I downloaded several times. When I saw this line, something I started looking for deep meaning.

Every successful person maintains calmness. Of course, they are aggressive. They (successful people) never be unusually aggressive.

We could be rigorous, ferocious, voracious. Apart from everything, we should create/maintain inner calmness. So, by developing a calm attitude. We can easily overcome the distress and precisely the flow of our thought/work will be smooth.

Things will be chaotic. But, if you apply the calm approach, there is enough possibility of getting things done.

Why am I talking about the calmness?

Quite honestly, I had seen people in real life. Their state of mind was too calm. They approach well enough with regards to work. Their talk and personality were too superb.

I, wonder.

Why can’t I? and

How can I maintain/create the calmness?

Apart from meditation and yoga. I can say, sit with nature. Pay attention ladies and gentleman. just look at nature. “Just look”.


Notice yourself.


Listen to your breath.


Track the way of doing your work. There is a possibility that you could notice, where am I?

These are the stuff that I’m doing it right now. Because I started realizing the importance of calmness in my carrier and my entire life.

I knew that it wasn’t a task. Although, I should develop my character as a calm human.

My respectable avid readers, you can follow the art of being calm.


With respect.



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