There are two ways my writing mood occurs. One is I will maintain a set of time every night after the dinner to post the blog. Probably, the time differs. On another side, I will start writing when the idea/content born.

Nowadays, I feel, I have to write. I don’t know, about the addiction of writing. But I still feel like, I have to keep writing. Not at the time of posting the blog. At least, I have to write more than twice or thrice.

I often too careful about the mood before writing. I should not be too upset with feelings overloaded. I should prepare to write. So far, learning from every day, I have to prepare immediately, If I have the content. Blindly, I could not keep thinking in front of a paper. Better I could jump into it. If I have the content, I should myself willing to write. Maybe, I can think the whole day. But when it comes to writing. I must write. Later I can edit.

I need a spontaneous way of thinking. So, I need to develop it. I have to make a habit.


By creating a mood on writing.

Better, how I eat, sleep and day to activities occur in our life. I’m gonna add writing into it.

Writing is a part of my day-to-day activity.

We knew the mood swings, right. Let’s have writing as a mood.

Let’s create a mood, we are gonna write a maximum three times a day to develop a writing mood.


With respect.

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