Often/sometimes, we have too much of thoughts that’s been flowing.

Often/sometimes, we feel like no thoughts. We don’t know what to think. Sounds awkward.

Often/sometimes, we have just a single thought that drives/dominates/upsets the day.

Or better we should not give an emotional reaction to our thoughts.

Let it be! I learned from Buddha. Because we cannot control our thoughts. Even, we cannot stop it.

Rather, let’s consider and reconsider, Buddha point of view. Let it be, alright.

Stay quiet when the thought flows.

Better observe the thoughts.

One more step, let’s create the habit of prioritizing the thoughts.

This is what I’m doing right now.

What I observed so far?

What I usually do is prioritizing my thoughts. I cannot judge the thought or I cannot plan the thought. But, if the thoughts are flowing/running. Better, I feel let’s leave this particular thought. If certain thoughts are unusual/awkward/notorious. Let’s leave it. Let’s create a habit.

I have a bad habit of overthinking. (Actually, I posted about overthinking)

Sometimes things go beyond my control. But, sometimes I consciously take care of my thoughts.

If we cannot learn to handle our thoughts, it’s very hard to focus on our work.

I often say, our thoughts decide the day. Especially in the morning. We should be too careful about the thought.

Every morning, we should create a habit of positive/optimistic thought. If negative thoughts arise, let it be. Or prioritize it. Or replace it.

Take care of your thoughts.


With respect.






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