I still don’t know. Why am I writing this content again and again? I think this is a 3rd time.

What I would like to say to myself. Also, to everyone. I think we need to be strong mentally.

Why mentally?

The decision and determination start with a mental viewpoint. I mean, how you think on certain stuff and how you approach the things matters most.

If you think, you had decided to go to the gym every day without fail/procrastinate.

Of course, you are gonna get a good shape. So, where the point starts, It starts with your decision and determination. Your mind and heart say to do it. No matter what. Your mind stretches you to go to a gym.

From my first blog, I knew that my words and sentences are sounds like an amateur. I knew that I’m not a professional writer. I knew that I don’t have writing skills. Although, I know that, things won’t work as I expect or dream as a writer. Before writing my first post (blog), I dreamt a lot. I’m gonna write such great posts. The reality of writing is, I’m not gonna say it’s too hard. But I would like to say, it takes time to be a professional writer. So, I will wait, I’m still waiting to get a good rhythm. Even some days, things never work. Let’s work and let’s see.

Just, we need to learn if the things aren’t working out and we must bounce back. If we cannot learn from setbacks. There is no possibility to get the chance of success.

Finally, we should not sit or fall. Rather we can prove that we can do it.


With respect.


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