The Man of Steel.

Honestly, and quite frankly I was posting this post too late. I had decided to post this even a month before. Alright, there is nothing called late/too late. Today is the fine day to post.

Lesson from the book. The Wit and Wisdom of Ratan Tata. Even more I was keep searching bit further. Additionally, we have to learn 5 entrepreneurship lessons to learn from Ratan Tata. Finally, my favorite quote. Just a single quote.

  1. Ethics and values are most important.
  2. Be your own self.
  3. Experience each and every phase.
  4. Passion rules us all.
  5. Go question it!
  6. Do something that you have never done before.
  7. Mantra to always keep innovating.
  8. Moderately successful.
  9. The fear of competition.
  10. Some more quotes.
  • Barriers to innovation are usually in mind.
  • Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build monuments.
  • Ups and downs in life are more important. Because a straight line even in ECG means we are not alive.
  • Nothing can destroy a person but his own mindset.
  1. My favorite one:

“You can put a gun to my head and pull the trigger or take the gun away; I won’t move my head.


5 entrepreneurship lessons.

  1. Never give up on values.
  2. Take risks.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  4. Have faith in yourself.
  5. Share your success.

Finally, my quote.

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decision and then make them right”.




With respect.

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