Trust very few.

I was often hungry for motivational quotes. This is the quote I had seen often over the last 3 years several times. Respect is the most valuable one, you should give it to the people. When you are reaching an upper level in life, you should learn well to respect others. It cannot be advised by others to you unless you realize.

When it comes to trust, you cannot be blind to all. If you have a huge set of people are trustful. That’s great. A trust is not coming by wealth/power. It comes with an understanding of people. It’s like a bond. Lifelong bond.

I think human mind has two sides like coins. Either keeping a full of trust on everybody or never trust anyone.

For me, what I think is, please don’t trust too sooner, please don’t decide, I’m not gonna trust anyone.

Trust few, you actually knew your surroundings. Who are they?

With the matter of trust, no more blind view. If people are distrust to you, the relationship becomes valueless. Then it seems very hard, again to keep build trust with the existing or new one.

To be more specific, three things you should never break:

  1. Trust.
  2. Promise.
  3. Heart.

Here, we can learn more about, how trust plays. So, learn how to trust a person. A trust might happen in a fraction of second or even it takes years.

But, please don’t forget to respect all. I already made a post on “Learn to respect yourself”. Then you should learn again to respect others.

Dear readers, if you have any thoughts on trust or any additional point should I have to include. Please down the comments below.

Others could be benefitted. Particularly, me.


With respect.





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