Ladies and gentleman. Pay attention, please.

I’m not giving a multitasking motivation. I’m conscious of this topic. Although, I’m writing with consciousness.

In the initial point of time, people say, please stop multitasking. In this dynamic world, we have to learn to be a multitasker, at least some point. we might adapt to multitask. Not too much of the tasks. But we knew the priority right! So, let’s plan the tasks, we should learn to do with a bare minimum of 2 tasks and maximum three. This is what I suggest. But, the capacity of humans varies from one to another. What I think is, we should be more careful with handling those tasks. More importantly, it should not make us to burnout or mental stress/all the tasks should not get ruined.

Why I had chosen to do multitask/ to write the topic about multitasking.

What I’m feeling is, getting this done. Along with productivity is also a more important one. I’m not sure about if you multitask, the work gonna be productive. May or might be. So, I would like to repeat again let’s do some multitask in the day. Things have to settle. Let’s adjust ourselves.

If the above statements might seem critical or notorious. Sorry, bare with me. I would like to write one more opinion.

Write the priorities. If we have five priorities. If the first is almost important. Please finish it off, the first one. Don’t concentrate on the others. But when it comes to priority number 4 and 5. We might consider doing the 4 and 5 simultaneously. I don’t know how this sounds to you all my dear avid readers. This is my opinion and suggestions.

If this is not working out. Kindly leave it. Also, readers can suggest a thought in the comments below.

Can we do this multitasking to getting things done?

Readers, please don’t mistake me. I’m feeling awkward to write this particular topic. My view and I’m suggesting. In fact, I’m wrong. Please, comments below.


With respect.

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