It is such a proud to run my 13th marathon. 21 kilometres with irregular practice. Sounds bad to you all. Even though it sounds, but I have to run, I need to stay engaged with my game. If I run least monthly once, I will know myself,

Where am I?

What’s my position?

My bad chip time is 02:53:10 seconds.

No matter.

I feel like still, I can do more if I practice regularly. When I was running, my mind wanders.

What if I practice every day?

What if I keep my fitness regime at a good level?

Feeling horrible. If I stopped at that moment, I lost. Because I should not do that. That’s not my sport ethic. Foremost, I should run. Eventually, I will know myself where am I?

The pain and pleasure taught me a lot.

The feelings. I could not express through words.

This is the second year I’m running. Last I ran with a bit good chip time 02:10:37 seconds. With a good amount of practice. I agree with myself.

What should I do?

I have to maintain discipline.

I have to work on every day.

I have to take care of my game.

At last, I’m quite happy, I got a finisher medal. It’s bronze.


With respect.

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