It’s an ultimate struggle for a writer to write every day, until the last moment. The speciality of every writer is perseverance. Even someday you can write well, someday you can’t. The matter is to keep writing and keep looking to give the best.

If you ask me about how you could able to write every day. Candidly, until last moment, I keep on thinking. Because I need to write something good, something valuable. Every night I do post in the blog. So, from morning I mind started wandering about the content first. Also, the content could be tentative. If I could not come up with the content, I start writing the draft, then I will pick the most relevant content. Although struggling, I will say it’s a challenge for me. I was determined to write.

Even someday, I felt upset. My mind could get stuck. At the last moment, I will push myself to write. I will bounce back to get started writing. For me, it’s too hard to get into editing and proofreading. I’m not good enough, but, after I wrote I start reading the post again and again. In fact, if some words, inappropriate or mistake I will try to rectify it.

I’m still facing the inadequacy in the research part. Few posts, I started doing research every a day before or maximum a week. What I feel is you need to be good at research. Not only in writing, In each and every field.

If I need to add more for a day in the life of a writer.

Please comments below. Others could get benefitted, particularly me.


With respect.

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