I began to write. Because I was determined to write. Also, without any skills, I just started. I’m not saying that every beginner(writer) has to learn the skill before to start writing. Eventually, you get to know your mistakes, if you are writing every day. Here, I didn’t pay 100% attention to grammar, punctuations, sentence formation, several vague sentences, certain inappropriate vocabularies. The sad part was, I didn’t even pay attention to proofreading and editing. In the initial moment, I myself rushed to write. At the end of the day, I just wanna write and upload it that’s it.

These are the ground basics. I struggled badly. Even there are, unknowingly. I would like to go back to my earlier posts. Because I have to learn from my mistakes. What I suggest is, so far from my path towards writing. Just go back to your older posts. More likely you could see what’s the mistakes. I would like to say in a word “self-evaluation”.

I think that’s needed. You might get to know the fair set of idea upon your past posts. Hang around with your older posts. This is what, I’m doing right now.

Finally, I started doing some research about writers and getting mentors in social platforms absolutely helped me a lot. Still, I do nasty mistakes but I started to knew, what’s wrong?

If you(readers) feel this is good.

Please leave your comments below. Others could get benefited. Particularly, me.


With respect.

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