There is often something to write. If you have the mentality to write/ If you have the deliberate mindset to write. Creativity apart. But, you must be ready to come up with the content to write

There is nothing wrong if there is chaos in your content. Just remember, what would be the scenario?

If you aren’t writing at all.

Here’s the plan.

Sometimes, I struggle to write. I don’t know what to write. In the next moment. I search for the content. Then I will prepare. I never forget to write with an optimistic view. You should have the grit and determination to give the words to the readers. Yesterday, I wrote a post about clarity. Before reaching the level of clarity. Every professional writer has to face the chaos. Please correct me, if I’m wrong. Doing and dealing with chaos leads to greater level of writing.

If you have the habit of writing every day. That’s great. Because eventually, you could know about the style of your writing. Step aside from regrets to write and grammar. Write, be ready to write. Take a piece of paper and scratch it and read it and edit it.

To reach the massive level of writing, you must be ready to write for years and years. Sometimes more than a decade too. Things never happen as you expect. You should have a dream to be a writer, carry your dream, be ready to work for several years. Have patience and create a habit to write.


With respect.

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