I hope this post, I could able to write clearly. I’m not kidding.

Every word has to be conveyed with clarity. Because every writer has to know that readers expect a clear message. Sometimes, a few sentences might go wrong. Anyway, the writer has to give something meaningful. No matter what.

A writer can use concise language. What is required, that’s enough!

Too much of words can lead to chaos/inefficiency. There is a possibility in this scenario. If you are giving more words, the readers might not get the message. Usually, I do this kind of mistakes. Knowingly or unknowingly. So, what I do is/what I suggest is to be conscious while writing. No way, you(writers) cannot give thousands and thousands of words just as. Clear and crisp information is absolutely needed.

Before dropping a word, think from a reader’s point of view.

Honestly speaking, I read this statement most of the time. Actually, I had mentioned it few times in my posts too.

If a reader has to read your writings, don’t ever hesitate to write clearly. Don’t ever hesitate to read again and again before publishing your posts. Don’t ever hesitate to seek help. Find someone, please them, request them to go through your writings. If you read, you might not able to identify the mistakes. If your mentor/experts read, there is a possibility to rectify the mistakes. So, you(writer’s) will get clarity.

Let’s write moreover 100% clearly.


With respect.

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