There is nothing more, you can give it to yourself. Maintain your body and mind well. Pay attention to your body language. People often notice your attitude and the way you dress. So, love yourself. Then, love others. If you are weird or mystique, not a matter at all. Present yourself who you are. Watch your body, how it reacts. Watch your speech in front of your mirror. Or ask your colleague.

Convey your strength to your people across you. Just don’t hide your weakness. Rather than, show your strength. Realize what’s your weakness and how can you overcome.  Matters most. Be the person you wanna be. There is nothing more than self-evaluation. So, sit with a pen and paper and write it down the strength and weakness.

The truth about yourself is, you know your thoughts and everything. So, list out. Have a strong mentality. The mind is the master. Train well. Never leave your thought as simple as. Maintain professionalism and productivity. Sense of humour is needed but stay with the limit. Don’t make anyone take advantage on you. Be strong with your words and thought. If the conversation/argument isn’t smooth or feeling you are not right. Admit it you are wrong. Show your natural character along with your professionalism.

Learn to love and respect yourself.


With respect.

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