To be an Entrepreneur, don’t do it for money. I learned. In fact, we may attain losses or might be huge millions. The point is, we should not stop. Passions matters. If you are doing the best work, fame and money come naturally. If you illustrate any successful entrepreneur, they haven’t done for money also they advise don’t do it for money.

These kinds of materialistic greedy never work in entrepreneurship. because every entrepreneur has his/her own idea to implement. As an entrepreneur, my business should be of a benefit to the ultimate consumers. That’s the common goal of entrepreneurship.

To be an entrepreneur, there is an opportunity granted for all. We need to learn to come up, we need to learn to survive in the market. Losses, bankruptcies could happen. You have to bounce back because every successful entrepreneur has done it. For me, there is nothing called goes down fighting, unless you accept yourself I’m done or I lost. This is what I apply in my entrepreneurial activity. No matter what. It’s all about you need to make a move/ make your team play a fair game. Learn yourself, teach them too. Every successive business wasn’t done by the founder or co-founder, there is a team, there is a productive team. Don’t ever forget to recognize them.

Build a strong team. Do the best and leave the rest. The rest comes naturally, please don’t wait or mind (the rest).


With respect.


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