I’m not writing for the publicity, I write for my self-satisfaction.

I’m not writing for money or fame, I write because writing is my profession.

I consider writing is art, not the business.

I feel bad, I’m writing, I feel good, I’m writing.

I say myself my writing was still nasty, but I say myself, I have a compulsion to write.

I say myself, I don’t know what to write today, but I say myself, If you wanna be a writer,  you aren’t excused. Pick content and seek the possibility to write.

There is often something to write. Never miss it.

Here the challenging task for me is If my piece(post) good or bad. I need to keep writing. I should not stop, I have a bright hope I’m gonna write well. Writing everyday matters to me.

Honestly, I struggle to submit the point. No matter what, I have to think, write and edit. There is a possibility to give the bit better words.

I don’t know what readers think about me, but my writings are still work in progress. I have to follow the format as a writer is, read, think, write, edit. Again, after editing, read, think, write, edit. Eventually, I will get to know how the sentences are conveyed in a good manner.

I’m writing. Still. Till my last moment.


With respect.

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