It is all about debt-free. We need not be Millionaire or Billionaire. This is what I had learned. I have a wrong approach to make money or I thought that my income has to passive. I don’t wanna talk about, what if? If we have more money. That’s our own personal perspective. Here, for me to attain such financial freedom is absolutely needed. Because what I feel is having such adequate money more required.

When it comes to the money factor, we should not be too emotional or too addicted. We should have a fair amount of understanding of money spendings and savings. Start building a good lifestyle.

Money never buys happiness in life. But plays a predominant role in everyone’s life.

Notable steps. Speaker, author, and success expert Brian Tracy says,


  1. You have to begin to think positively about money.
  2. Rewrite and review your goals on the paper on every day and think about how you could accomplish them.
  3. Plan every day in advance.
  4. Concentrate single-mindedly, every hour of every day, on the most valuable use of time.
  5. Invest yourself in terms of your self-improvement and learning.
  6. Ask yourself these questions every after meeting and event of importance in your life.
  • What did I do right?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  1. Be generous to others.


With respect.

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