We can be unique/mysterious/peculiar. Whatever it is! But we should not be fake or present like a duplicate. It does not matter, whether you are being on your way. The world often point out you. So, there is nothing wrong with,

Who are you?

What you do?

But, be original.

Fake never survives. Successful people, they have their own tendency. They have their own set of originality and true character. They are straight-forward. They never act, they handle their own way.

If you see my writings, moreover 100%, I never posted with the wrong approach, fake words, for the sake of writing something. I have a deliberate mindset to write the stuff. Even though, I conscious about the words that I’m using. Here, in my writings, I show my originality. I write the words that come from a heart, soul and brain. Because I had a few good words to deliver. My thinking was a bit good. That my originality. There are grammatical errors and vague sentences. But, I would love to write. I would love rectify. That’s it.

Will you show your originality?


Will you act as a fake?

Ladies and gentleman, please decide.


With respect.

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