Honestly speaking, I started paying attention to much more experienced people. I already wrote 80 years old man and 90 years old man advice in the earlier blogs. I would love to hear what they are saying about success and precisely, how to live a good life. so, this is something special and important to me.

I’m quite happy to read it and apply it.

On Career

  1. “You cannot go too far without passion. Find something you are passionate about and pursue it.”
  2. “You cannot achieve much when you are stuck. Unleash yourself. Learn a new skill. Unravel your environment and discover new terrains.”
  3. “Seek freedom and opportunity rather than a job and security.”
  4. “Invest or learn how to save. You never know what protection these things may provide to you.”
  5. “There should be no need to retire if you have pursued the right career. However, if it is necessary, do it after the age of 70.”

On Relationships

  1. “Fall in love as much as you can. It is difficult to simply give up on it. How many other things are as formidable as love, that you can hold onto?”
  2. “You should be proud of everything you fall in love with.”
  3. “Your relationships are vital to who you will become. Learn to develop the right relationships.”
  4. “You are going to meet a lot of people and some of them will be totally opposite to who you are. You cannot avoid everyone, so learn to be tolerant.”
  5. “Marry for love. That is the only sensible thing that could keep two different people together.”
  6. “Have a good wife, lots of friends, a good appetite, and be busy.”

On Living

  1. “Be yourself. You cannot make it through to my age living another person’s life.”
  2. “Travel. I have been to a lot of places and it kept my mindset open to new adventures and experiences. Maybe this is why I do not have Alzheimer’s yet.”
  3. “Laugh. There is no point in taking life too seriously!”
  4. “Whatever life throws at you, respond to it, and never react to it.”
  5. “Forgive yourself and everyone around you.”
  6. “You should be religious or partake in something religiously.”
  7. “Don’t be cheap.”
  8. “Take it easy. Many of my friends are gone because they just wanted it all too early.”
  9. “People tend to mistake satisfaction for happiness and happiness for satisfaction. You may not be happy all the time, but you can learn to always be satisfied.”
  10. “Believe in yourself. Such a belief can propel you to unbelievable heights.”
  11. “You can never underestimate the power of luck.”
  12. “You can never believe how far you will go if you take steady and important steps.”

On Health

  1. “A healthy lifestyle keeps you going. Your body should be your vehicle for success.”
  2. “There is nothing that can be gained in worrying.”
  3. “Time has a way of healing every wound.”
  4. “Be active. It keeps you alive. What is not used, rots away.”
  5. “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t retire.”
  6. “People don’t really value their body when they are young. When you are my age, you start understanding how important your body can be.”
  7. “As you grow older, you will have more choices. However, you should consider them to be tested since you are expected to say “No” more often.

Sources: https://www.lifehack.org/306079/30-precious-bits-life-advice-from-100-year-olds


With respect.

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