We are knowingly still hesitating. From the initiative to end there is hesitation. Hesitating to talk, to write, to make a decision. Everything.

If we hesitate for something, the losing streak begins. Because successful people knew, if am I hesitated, there is no possibility of learning, there is no possibility to rectify my mistakes. So, with hesitation, I’m gonna talk and act. Eventually, as soon as possible I will overcome.

Hesitation surrounded my life. Quite honestly and frankly, I don’t’ know what to do. Please correct me, if I’m wrong. If the habit neither good or bad. You cannot start a good habit easily nor leaving a bad habit easily. It takes time to start and stop. So, I could not able to leave the hesitation just like that. I just simply carried my hesitation and I started moving forward. The forwardness matters to me.

Precisely, I could say, writing a blog and creating a Facebook page. I never planned to do. But, I would love to write and I would love to deliver something valuable. I started it that’s it. As I often say, I don’t have writing skills. Unless I write I could not learn. Here, the key is I started with hesitation. Today, I’m writing this post “without hesitation”. I overcame. I started realizing that, ‘hesitation is the key to failure.

Ladies and gentleman. Never ever hesitate.


With respect.

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