Giving a motivating answer was ‘attitude’ matters. Along with attitude, there are several factors that drive fatigue.

A portion of healthy food must. Quality of intake matters. We should not eat gradually what is there in the (food)plate.

I personally suggest nutrition is required, energy drinks I don’t know much about it, and eating fruits like apple and banana are most effective to the human body.

Let’s come to sleep, my awkward topic. 6 hours is okay. Arnold Schwarzenegger says, you sleep 6 hours a day and work for 18 hours. I had seen his motivational video.

For me, the reaction of sleep over the 2 years. If I sleep for 8 or 9 hours. I’m feeling too dizzy. Another case, if I sleep for 4 and 5 hours, I don’t know how to describe it? But, affects me so badly. Maintain a standard and adequate sleep.

My final note comes to exercise, meditation and yoga are mandatory. Those three drivers will make your day productive. You can probably, follow my technique or you might consider and reconsider it. Exercise, 15 minutes of running/skipping. Meditation, close your eyes and do breathing technique/Pranayama for 15 minutes. Yoga, you can do any three asanas for 15 minutes according to your body, every asana contains 5 minutes.

I had one more opinion about yoga. Hire a yoga master is the most preferable one. I’m doing exercise and meditation feeling absolutely superb. Yoga yet to do.

A gentle reminder: Drink an enormous amount of water.


With respect.


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