Every writer should remember the reader. Ultimately, a writer might read his/her writings as a proud moment or correct mistakes. But, every reader who is reading his/her writings could get inspired/take it as reference. So, we (writer’s) must be careful.

To understand the reader, a writer should often think, we (writers) don’t know. Who are our readers?

Anybody maybe literate or illiterate or in the midst.

How can I make an impact on overall readers?

Factually or logically, every writer could not satisfy all the readers. This is a common statement. I personally don’t know, certain books one size fit all.

But, at certain level or moreover such level. A writer can think,

what is the possibility we can create?

How can I make the reader? A thought-provoking (reader).

What terminologies will impact the reader?

Sometimes, a writer has to give a critical statement/open statement. That’s required/seems okay. Everybody has an opinion. Even, I have a few opinions that make to write it.

What I personally think before I start writing?

I should watch out before reaches the reader.

Even though, if it happens, the next moment I have to be ready to apologize.

Unknowingly, if a reader pinpointed something from your writings. Be ready to apologize or say I’ll refer and get back to you.

I started learning this approach.


With respect.


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