From the content, introduction and conclusion, every reader will try to understand what’s been written.

My opinion is that every reader should have some questions from the book they had read. The questions could be critical/supportive/awkward/. That’s not an issue at all. The opinion of every reader’s differs. But, it is the duty of a reader to respond. I suggest a reader can respond directly to the writer/author. Please correct me if I’m wrong, there should the relationship between the reader and a writer. If the responses happen in a face-to-face/straight forward manner. Things will end in a smooth manner. There is enough possibility that the reader could get the answers from a writer.

Here, the reader should not hurt the writer for publicity/vengeance.

This is the lesson I started learning as a reader.

Those who are reading this post.

Please comment down below.

Constructive criticism accepted.


With respect.

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