The motto of the writer is to keep writing.

Even if the way of writing is bad. The determination to write is the most important. Every aspiring writer, having a dream, to be a writer. They usually think like a writer. But, the problem is they never write.

Unless, you write, even if the piece seems nasty. Your skill in writing never grow.

Once, you had started to write, you might recognize what is the mistake? If you honestly, approach someone to rectify your writings. That’s absolutely fantastic.

The motto of every writer must have adequate guidance, if you started writing, definitely you need. Before and after writing, make sure you should not hesitate to ask someone.

How was my writing?

How can I recover from those mistakes?

Could you recommend any books for me?

Please, ask those kinds of questions.

If anybody decided to write. Just think a bit. And start writing more. Even though, if you are writing at that moment. Of course, you need to think a lot. That’s ultimately needed.

Write, write and keeping writing.


With respect.

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