An individual cannot achieve everything. Team efforts are too important. Here, collaboration plays a predominant role.

If you wanna be a leader, you must prepare yourself to collaborate with certain kind of people.

If you wanna be a writer, you must start to collaborate with several authors and editors.

If you wanna be an entrepreneur, you must collaborate with your team and mentors.

Few months before, I had posted why collaboration is important in the entrepreneurship?

Later point of time, I feel collaboration is the most required skill for all the upcoming successful people in their carrier. Everywhere, it pays off. We should start to engage with more people. Debate, decide and then work.

I never say it’s totally missing. But, it isn’t enough. We need trust-worthy people. The key is to stay connected with those people. They should have a dream about success. It doesn’t mean they must have the same dream as you have.

Choose a set of people. Spend quality time with them. Quantity of people, not a matter. Quality of the topic matters. Productive debate matters.

My final note. It must continue in Win-Win situation. There should not be room for selfish.


With respect.


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