I could not believe.

How my work had been done so far?

But, I’m doing with a good conscious and substantial amount of effort for all of my readers. Even though, accidentally or unknowingly my words have been written. Not deliberately. I promise.

I don’t know about the style of writing. But, before I drop a word, I deeply think, is it a valuable word/lines. Even deeper, before I write, I would try to think from a reader’s point of view.

Additionally, I think. How can I reduce the grammatical errors?

If I’m adding new vocabulary, that makes readers to search with curiosity? (I haven’t added much. Hopefully, one or two).

My deep grief was, I have to/ I would like to read with a bare minimum of 50 blog posts. I feel sheepish. Apologize to all. I read some of them. It’s not at all enough.

Thank you almighty.

Thank you, all fellow followers. It’s my art of gratitude.

I’m still writing, ladies and gentlemen.


With respect.


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