The reality of every writer has to write not only every single day. Whenever he/she had a topic or he/she feels, I have a topic right now, I have to write for an hour, or he/she feels I’m gonna dedicate myself as a full-time writer 24/7.

I’m writing this statement consciously. The realistic truth of every writer is an amateur. I’m not underestimating the aspiring writers or I’m not insulting the professional writers. Quite frankly, I’m not a naysayer.

Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention please, every writer started writing as an amateur until he becomes a professional writer. That’s the fact.

I started writing my diary and blogs a notorious writer. Although, I felt terrible about my writings in the initial point of time. Particularly, in this post, I’m feeling a bit good. I started feeling the reality of my writings and after several months. So-far, this is the reality of a writer.

Every field, enough practice is required. I personally feel you cannot jump and succeed easily.

The reality of every writer is pain and pleasure.


With respect.

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