I think I got something from entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur, patience is a powerful trait. I would like to wait for the result of what had done. I must research a lot. I need to spend enough time. It not often about competition, it’s all about who is giving the best products or services to the ultimate consumers.

I feel like, I’m slow but I have to keep this pace. An inch faster is enough. I have to be keen on what I’m doing. I have to work every single day. Target seems fantastic but, it should not end in a hurry mode. I’m ready to work for a decade and decades not to capture the global market or earning billions. Usefulness to the consumers only.

As an entrepreneur, I cannot throw something to them(consumers). The word “IMPACT” is punching/kissing/whispering to my mind/heart, in fact, all over the body.

I don’t think I’m stuck, it’s a challenge. I’m ready to do it. I’m doing it.

It’s not what you expect, it’s something beyond.

Stay strong.


With respect.

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