Nobody knows when we are gonna succeed?

Until success knocks our door, we should engage our self. The days and time were pretty ugly. But, we must take action or seek the measures.

To me, I’m writing. I’m still feeling hard, although I engaged. Whether I’m writing in a bit good or too bad. I thought something needed to succeed. It never happens overnight. That’s the reason I found myself to engage massively. I’m still feeling like my piece (post) wasn’t good. On the other side, I’m feeling proud and good on myself as a writer.


If I didn’t yet start writing, there will be a big and bright question mark on my writing.

At the initial point of time, it was a daunting task for me. I just keep pushing. Right now, I’m deliberately knowing, where am I? I engaged myself as a writer. I’m feeling a bit okay, but not good at all.

I’m not gonna stop because I’m engaged. Massively.


With respect.


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