SUNDAY: Understanding what makes a good marketing plan.

MONDAY: Ask the right questions about your products, services and customers.

TUESDAY: Find answer to your questions through effective research.

WEDNESDAY: Identify your critical success factors, draw up your sales forecast and set your objectives.

THURSDAY: Create a strategy from your list of objectives.

FRIDAY: Assembling your data to write up your plan.

SATURDAY: Use your marketing plan to implement your objectives and improve your business.

The authors had laid down the marketing plans in a week in this short book. We as an entrepreneur or a writer or whomever it is if we would like to do marketing to deliver the products/services or books to our customers/readers. I would like to recommend this one is one of the best marketing books.

I would love to re-share it. I’m gonna articulate the few sets of facts of this book. We all need to know the reality of marketing and its strategies.

ROS JAY is a freelance business writer and editor. She advises small business on corporate image and marketing. She has written several books on marketing and for small businesses, including Teach yourself titles. She has direct personal experience of writing a marketing plan, having set up and run her own publishing business. She has also worked as a business advisor for small businesses and business startups.

JOHN SEALEY is a marketing authority, international speaker, author and marketing coach. He helps businesses attract and keep customers, more profitably, with the least amount of effort. John works to show that an enterprise can thrive using proven marketing ideas to achieve more sales and profits. What he uses in his own business and teaches other business owners isn’t just theory. But strategies and tactics that work in the real world.


The well-known management consultant Peter Drucker once said, ‘Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.’ We would add to that wonderful statement, ‘attached a great marketing plan.’

Marketing is at the heart of a successful company. To win the lion’s share of customers and thrive in an ever-changing environment, you need a tailored strategy that will give you an all-important competitive edge. For this, your key driver has to your marketing plan.

While some business may fail to recognize the value of marketing planning, banks and financial institutions don’t make the same mistakes. A business that tries to apply for a loan or a grant without a good marketing a plan is unlikely to get very far.

This book will give you the information and skills you need to develop a sound marketing plan.

Let’s start with.


So, tomorrow I have to share the Essential Manager’s Manual. I will start from a day after tomorrow.


With respect.

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