I’m not gonna debate, whether social media platforms are good or bad. That’s not my purpose of this post.

I’m not blindly or strategically gonna say only pros apart from cons.

What I personally feel growing, from these social media. If you take any of these(platform), actually people are here to guide, to motivate and most precisely without getting anything from you, me (money, fame). I do agree and learned.

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.


“The price what you pay, the value what you get” said by Warren Buffett. Still, a few sets of people are here.

Things apart.

Articulately, my Blog, my Facebook page is growing bit. Even I’m following quite a lot of motivational speakers and valuable personalities. I felt, so far good for the last 2 years. I deeply indulged to see more players are really mentoring.

We can move this pace forward. In fact, what I’m learning right now, I’m still getting ready/prepare to guide mentor, someone.

I feel very good.

It’s my gratitude to all.


With respect.

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