I’m not gonna talk about the perfect moment. Because successful people say, there is nothing called a perfect moment.

This is the right time.

This is the right day.

I will attach these lines in my everyday journal often.

There is no good or bad time. If would you like to start something, what you love! This is the right time. This is the right day.

We are driven by hesitation and surrounded by naysayers. Ringing in our ear and they simply say, this isn’t the right time.

When I started writing, I have no idea to start a blog or Facebook page. I just keep on writing. I love writing. I feel I have to write. Eventually, I just started it. Because with no hesitation I started. I knew that I’m gonna face lot of naysayers. I knew that I don’t have any writing skills.

Just a sec, I thought this the right time to start.

Whatever it is.

If we our-self still don’t know, when and where to start. Nothing works.

At some point in time, if you start realizing I have to start something. Have some preparation for work. If not, fine, jump into it. That’s your right time.

If you had chosen today is the day to do the things, no way and no compromise you have to get ready and start at that particular moment.


With respect.



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