Certain questions you need to ask yourself before asking your mentors/others. Before committing towards your goals. Aspiring successful people jump into their clarity and strategy.

Their questions are:

Do I have the clarity on my goals?

What strategy do I need to reach the goals?

That’s it!

I’m gonna succeed.


These questions are absolutely needed. I’m not denying.

Ladies and gentleman.

But unless you need to learn to commit. You must have a set of questions. To learn yourself.

I’m not saying that you must have the clarity and strategy when you decided towards your goals. But only some people have a clear mind when they had chosen their goals. Some might not.

Here, my questions are apart from the clarity and strategy.

  1. Am I still committed on my goals, even if I fall in the depth or on the peak?
  2. Am I gonna make sacrifice my time till success knocks your door?
  3. Even if my success takes a decade or more to attain it. Am I ready to commit?


With respect.

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