Not sounds awkward.

We should have sound knowledge. But it doesn’t mean we have to reach perfection.

To be at the level of sound knowledge. You must have to maintain some sort of consistency in the particular or several fields. It not mandatory you must be in a specific field. People are there with multi-ambitious mindset. This post should not affect them.

If you take me, for instance, I’m multi-ambitious. Not too many but certain fields, I’m interested. Which I keep on working for the past seven years. So, nothing wrong with it.

Things will work if you are ready to put efforts. No matter how many things.

Have a set of patience. To get the best results. Don’t jump onto conclude to quit.

I often reiterate to several contents. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Or Great things take time”.

Sound knowledge is not a destination that you need to reach.

But if would you like to learn. You have to have a mentality as keep on learning.

It’s all about willingness that makes you move every single day.

No matter how many mistakes you are making.


How many failures you had attained?

How many naysayers you are facing?

It’s all up to you. To keep upgrading.


With respect.


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