Why successful people keep on learning?

Why every entrepreneur keeps on learning?

Why every writer keeps on learning?


First Learn and then take out the L and Earn.

People get wrong with this statement.

No one has reached the top without learning.

Foremost, they would like to know more about what is going on in their field. It not simply reading but they are in deep learning. That makes them achieve.

The truth is, let’s take an example Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates. Mr Gates wanna build Windows. So, that stretches him to keep learning at the very initial point of time. Mr Gates knew if we read a lot, we could able to know the stuff.

As I said in the earlier post, Mr Gates reads fifty books per year. That really encourages me more and more.

I personally read a lot. Because if we read there are enough possibilities to arise the questions. If that question goes deeper into our mind the new ideas will be born. We must ready to do an experiment with those ideas.

As I often say.

If you are reading more in your field that’s fantastic.

If you are reading widely that’s marvellous.


With respect.


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