I couldn’t see my mistakes often. Sometimes I noticed. But If I ask someone to review it. My way of writing needs to take more action.

Last night, I had a conversation with Melissa Willis-Sell. She is an Author, Writer and Book series. She also runs her own page with her name. I deliberately liked her page. Because I need someone to review my writings.

At first, I asked her to give tips or advice to be a writer. Then, I requested her to go through my few posts on my FB or Blog.

She reverted. That time I felt very hard because I still don’t know what’s my mistakes.

I’m always felt a bit good. After I wrote my post.

Yesterday, I get to know what is my fault?

She said it should be edited. Also, it has improper sentences and make it shorter and make more pleasing to the eye. Join writing groups. Certain sentences are a statement, not a question Sona period will do. Re-read it you will identify it. She also suggests to READ A LOT. She preferred one of the books such as Stephen King.

It’s a really very good experience for me personally. Finally, I always need constructive criticisms.

So, I have to keep on rectifying it.

I would like to thank her again. I had realized what’s my mistakes.

I’m quite happy.


With respect.


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