67519076_1320516881436154_3790735141857394688_n.jpgI personally felt the days are too bad. We all say the day was hard and bad.

We were completely broken.

There is quote, single chapter or a page, never affect the whole book.


Should we in the circle with the broken mindset?


Should we swallow the bad stuff with the tears and still visualizing our dream?

Where are we?

What do we suppose to do?

Enormous people are still halfway towards success, but if they were broken at the specific point or a day, they are ultimately broken.

The very flexibility quit.


They stand like a statue.

We all talk about the habit of “Never Ever Give-Up.

We still easily tend to forget.

If we could able to tolerate the bad days and bad apples.

Success is still waiting for us.

For me, today is a rough day and I still don’t know what to do?

That makes me write this.

Honestly, I’m not creating something as people quit or they easily give up. I still had seen many people in my real life. They quit.

I really wonder.

Why don’t they keep looking forward?

Until attaining the success.

With respect.

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