That’s what society needs. Nobody cares if you are a billionaire or Bureaucrat.

If you are a valuable person. They will recognize you. They will take you as a role-model. They will respect you. They will pay attention to you.

I often say provide value. Give something good.  Money is ultimately secondary. Money and fame come naturally. Never run towards it. If you took me as an example, I write, but I still believe some valuable lines I need to provide. Or else, things will be worse.

I’m not specifying about creativity. Creativity also plays a major role but at the same time, it must be useful to all. It must make an impact.

You cannot buy value anywhere. But you can realize, create and deliver.

With respect.


One thought on “BE A VALUABLE PERSON:

  1. I made a mistake here. I felt very bad to write the first line. Last night, I was scratching my head. THE CORRECTION IS: NOBODY CARES IF YOU AREN’T PROVIDE ANY VALUE.
    I APOLOGIZE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. I could cleverly edit it, but that’s unfair. It’s better to be quite straightforward to say Right or Wrong.


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