This big book talks about all the required skills for an effective manager. This book contains 864 pages. I had completed 230 pages. I had marked few notable points that I’m gonna deliver in this post. I’m gonna share to you all. I personally think this is not only for a manager also for all. I mean a start-up CEO can read. If you would like to become a leader you can read too.

Also, the essential practical guide to management, benefits new and experienced managers alike, covers all the skills you need, from motivating and delegating to negotiating and presenting, explores your options for action through charts and flow diagrams, includes over 1,200 power tips for handling management issues.

So, once in every week on this particular day, I will start sharing this most needed and suitable points for all the readers.



The role of a manager is becoming ever more diverse. Economic pressure and the twin demand for increased efficiency and productivity, and also by information technology, which has enabled tasks to be carried out in seconds rather than days.

Organization are often under pressure to deliver better and better results and mangers are naturally in the front line. At the same time, corporate mergers and acquisitions have inevitably reorganization and rationalization on a wide scale, forcing people to change their jobs, and even their careers, and to undergo retraining.

The most successful business managers are those who have recognized the need to adapt to change by continually re-examining the way they work, by developing an as wide range of skills as possible, and by keeping the skills up to date.


This manual is a comprehensive guide to the most important areas of business life, covering interpersonal and professional skills vital to those who hold or seek to hold. Management positions in any organization, large or small in both public and private sector.

Certain sections, especially those on communications, time management, and dealing with stress-free, contain advice that is applicable outside a conventional office environment, and will, therefore, be useful to the students, first-jobbers, self-employed, and anyone else coping with the work situation that is unfamiliar to them.


A full understanding of what makes people perform well and of the problems that may affect performance in the workplace is therefore essential for every manager.

The manager may require to look at ways of improving the departmental efficiency, conduct staff appraisal, and delegate a task to an employee. The same manager also has to use specialist skills in which his or her own performance may be scrutinized by superiors.


It is organized in concise, clearly defined sections to enable busy managers to access specific information as quickly as possible.

Readers may also wish to focus on an individual section in the detail, in which case advice is given to help them research their subject and plan a strategy for action, anticipate any problems that they are likely to encounter and achieve their objectives efficiently.


This manual deal first with:

  1. Interpersonal skills (Communicating clearly and managing time)
  2. To address the five basic yet important areas of management practice.
  • Making decisions.
  • Delegating successfully.
  • Motivating people.
  • Managing teams
  • Managing meetings
  1. These are followed by three sections on the specialist techniques that form part of many managerial functions today.
  • Presenting successfully.
  • Negotiating successfully.
  • Interviewing people.
  1. The book’s last two sections.
  • Managing change.
  • Minimizing stress.

Look at ways of coping with the hectic pace of modern business life.

Let’s start with Interpersonal skills (Communicating clearly and Managing time).

With respect.



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