The philosophical meaning of life says change is only a permanent one. Nothing will long last.
If something changes in your life. Just no need to worry, seek the possibilities.
But sometimes, changes needed. In order to attain something or in order to do so.
I’m writing, I need some changes in my writing. To move onto the next level. Even though I’m writing good or bad I still think every day.
What changes needed?
In order to be a better writer.
If you feel that, change is bad. Stuff seems some tasteless.
Don’t get wrong with me. I never say, change your dreams and goals. But the path is the most important. You could able to learn a lot from your path towards your goal. The path might change. Fine.
But the destination has to place that you had dreamt.
Don’t change your habits or progress.
But change your way of doing the things.

With respect.



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