After following my Guru Buddha. I learned the line “Let It Be”.

We should not make our self too complicated.

I have to this line to myself too oftentimes. But we have an obsession towards success. That’s fabulous. But, stay on the track. Don’t carry the hard feelings on your head or brain. Make a usual move.

Your eyes have to be wide open.

Keep the things on the list.

Let your mind be in attention mode. You should not leave your mind as it goes. Make your boy feel good. Realize what’s happening in your soul and mind. Look around yourself.

We each of us knew, there is no shortcut for success.

Make progress, as I often say track your results.

What is done?

What has to be done?

Do your work gradually. Just think what am I doing right now?

Let it be.

You please ready to move flexibly on your path.

Don’t rush and

Don’t be rushed by others.




With respect.

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