No need to be expert to start.

If you would like to start something, just start. The moment you had started, possibly things goes wrong. But, there is no doubt, you can learn from it. Unless you start the stuff. There is no possibility of learning.

I have to say at this moment. For swimming, you could read a lot, and see a lot of videos. Unless you jump into the pool. If you jumped, there is enough possibility to swim and to do something in the pool.

When I started writing, I don’t know what is my content?

I don’t know how to do sentence formation?

I’m not 100% at grammar.

The moment I had decided to write. My instinct says you would like to convey something, but you still don’t know how to do?


Just start.

Let’s see the after a month or let’s see if you could able to write for 100 straight streaks.

Right now, I feel good. So far, good.

Everybody started with nothing, they just started.

Every entrepreneur started in a garage.

Every writer started with no writing skills.

There is one statement, they are ready to learn and deserved to get it.

No doubt it.

So, ladies and gentleman,

Nothing to worry. Just start.


With respect.


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