If I heard the word “rejections” I still remember the name Jack Ma. The Co-founder of Alibaba.
How many times does Jack Ma been rejected?
From Harvard to Police selections. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Rejection is the most favourite word for successful people.
Everywhere it sounds like a bomb. It shatters everyone. It will stop everyone. It will break everyone. It will make us dumb.
But, we still don’t know, How Jack Ma’s resilience made him a successful entrepreneur?
The fact is,
Writers never bother about rejections by publishers.
Entrepreneurs never bother about rejections by investors.
Every student, if they get rejected by one or two per cent they never bother.
Aren’t they human?
Are they?
Sounds weird!
If they are rejected!
They never settle!
Instead of worrying, they ready to think.
Re-design it.
Re-launch it.
You must come back from every setback.
You cannot escape. If you are ready to succeed,
Just step back and learn, that’s good and roar that’s too good.

With respect.



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