After all the temptations, the author has conveyed the about leadership and new kinds of stuff.

Those are absolute factual and realistic. As I said these lines will drive every struggling and aspiring CEOs.

Quite frankly, I would love to write all the lines in the Afterword. But I had chosen the most prioritized one. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Leaders fail because they are unwilling to put their temptations on the table for others to see. For it is only by bringing their temptations into open that leaders can enlist the support of coordinates who are in a unique position to help.

When I work with executive teams, I explain that if the CEOs behaviour is ninety-five per cent healthy while the rest of the organization is just fifty per cent sound. I will choose to focus on crucial and leveraged five per cent that makes up the remainder of the CEOs behaviour.

Although every leader agrees in theory with this line of thinking, few are willing to put it into practice and endure the painful self-examination required to “fix” that final five per cent. And yet, willingness to do this is exactly what separates the leader who succeeds from those who fail.

The key to success, then, is not to avoid the susceptibility to the five temptations. While that would be desirable, it is an impossibility. The key to embracing the self-examination that reveals the temptations and to keep them opened where they can be addressed.

Of course, this cannot be accomplished; it cannot be wrapped in a tidy, happy ending in which our heroic CEO realizes his temptation and suddenly becomes the most effective leader. Like so much of life, it is a messy, constant, and unavoidable process, but one that great leaders welcome.


With respect.

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