In the same train, Charlie has also surrounded by, tall man, bald man, and stylish man.

The desire for harmony said by a tall man.

Without knowing why Andrew suddenly comfortable with these men. “I don’t understand. What does harmony have to do with clarity and good decisions?”

The bald man spoke for the first time. “From the perspective of a person who doesn’t have the problem with temptation number four”– others laughed- let me explain.

All attention shifted towards the Bald man.

“Answer a question for me, Andy. What is the opposite of harmony?

Andrew thought for a moment. I don’t know; discord?

Discord. Disagreement. Conflict. Any of those will do. The point is, “it’s natural for human beings to want harmony. But harmony is like cancer to good decision making.

You see, the only way to come to a good decision quickly is to suck all the honest opinions out of people effectively.

There are two ways to do it.

“One, you can put nice processes in place to massage opinions out of people-focus groups, brainstorming sessions, democratic voting.”

“Two, you can do it in a messy way”.

Messy mean using conflict. But not bad conflict. We are talking about productive ideological conflict. From the outside, they look the same, but they are very different.

“For instance, I don’t have a problem holding people accountable for things, as long as we all agree with what those things are. But sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to hold them accountable for because we make decisions that don’t feel right.”

Andrew turned Charlie, “You said your father almost made good decisions.”

That’s right. Because he almost never made decisions without having the full benefit of everyone’s ideas.

The final and last temptation is……


With respect.


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